Tips for having casual sex

The advancements in technology have been not only significant in the commercial sector but also in personal affairs like relationships. Through the internet, you can now find a friend, a soulmate or a lover. Online dating has become a norm, and casual relationships have become are now the order of the day. In a contemporary setting, strangers can meet, talk, wine, dine and thereafter enjoy a thrilling sexual experience with “no strings attached.” In a world where people are always busy trying to make ends meet, casual sex does not seem like a bad idea. Not all. In fact, it is the perfect idea based on several advantages that are attributed to it.

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Casual sex in sexo gratis galicia saves time. You don’t have subjected to extended courtship which ultimately deprives you something that you both desire from the onset. Also, it lowers expectations for both of you, and therefore you are able to engage freely and unashamedly. The common anxiety and uneasiness in romantic relationships are eliminated entirely.

However, some people don’t know how to start or handle casual sex with people they don’t intend on dating. The following tips are useful in having casual sex;

Pick an attractive person

Biologically, sex is great when you are attracted to your partner. Therefore you must find someone that you find attractive. Attractiveness can be physical or mental, but both would be perfect. Sexual chemistry is heightened when your partner can stimulate you mentally and physically. However, and most importantly, make sure that the person ticks you off in one aspect that for you is a deal breaker. This factor is vital in keeping you in check and reminding you that the relationship can never be anything more. Attractive and annoying is a combination that would suffice.

Make things clear

black set of braThere shouldn’t be unspoken words in casual sex. Everything should be in black and white. Both of you should know from the onset that you are getting into a causal relationship that is not meant to lead to anything else. In this case, you should be intentional about all your actions and should not act based on the feeling of the moment. For example, under no circumstances should there be sleepovers or dates that last longer than normal.


Casual sex is not for everyone because some people are bound to get attached emotionally. In this regard, you must be able to understand and be aware of your emotions. If you can control them it is acceptable to continue but if you cannot shield your emotions then don’t be afraid to walk away as early as possible.

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