Sex Toy Safety

Having a boring sex life is one reason most unions or relationships do not last. One may opt to move out or cheat on their partner because of boring sex. It is important to speak up and tell your partner where he or she needs to improve. There are several things you can do to spice up your sex life.

The use of sex toys has become common among many. These toys are also used by those who are single and want to pleasure themselves. Married couples or those in a relationship should consult their partners before improvising their use. There are those who are not comfortable with them.

The different types of seksilelut include dildos, vibrators, strap-ons and the artificial vagina. You can buy them from selected stores or online shops. These gadgets have unique features that will make you reach orgasms. You will find those with vibrators that hit your nerves properly to make you attain multiple orgasms. Some dildos also have are bent which makes them hit the pleasurable spots in your vagina.

As for the artificial vagina, it is made using a smooth material and has the rightpink sex toy cushioning to give you pleasure. Several cases of sex-toy related accidents have been reported most of them being as a result of its poor use.  There are several safety measures you need to observe to stay free from accidents or diseases that may come about as a result of their use. The different safety measures include:

Buying Trusted Brands

You should go for trusted brands of sex toys to stay free from accidents. There are different brands you will find in the market. Some are known to be faulty and can electrocute you anytime. You can seek advice from the different sex toy vendors or check from various online sites to understand which brand is best.

Cleaning After Use

Cleaning your sex toy after use is another hygienic practice you should observe. This will help eliminate germs or other microorganisms that may subject you to several dangers when you use it once again. You can use an antibacterial soap to clean your sex toy. There are other disinfectants or disinfecting procedures you can use to ensure your sex toy is always clean.

Understand Your Toyssex toy

You should understand which toys work best with you. Get to know your body better before you go shopping for one. Pick the right size of toy to avoid subjecting yourself to injuries that may come as a result of its use. Going for the right type of toys will help promote safety when using them.…

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How To Give Your Woman An Intense Orgasm

One of the greatest reliefs to a sexual encounter is to experience an orgasm, and this can be achieved both by a man and woman. It is important to know that women take longer to reach a climax than men do. There are women who reach climax too soon while there are some that can take longer than you may be able to last.

Sex pleasure is everyone’s responsibility. You should make sure that you are satisfied and this can only be harnessed by each playing a part in making sure everyone is satisfied. Since men can easily reach the climax, this guide is focused on helping women reach that point without struggling too much. Here is a comprehensive on how to give your woman an excellent orgasm.

Mental Stimulation

coupleIt all starts in the brain. If a woman or man is not ready, you will not enjoy making love. Ensure that each of you is into the act before you start inserting your hungry penis in her goodies. You want to first get her mentally in the mood, and this can be achieved by talking about her desires and letting her know that you can fulfill them.

Do not be in such a hurry to have intercourse take you time and get her in the mood for sexual pleasure. You can have a few dirty chats, watch porn while taking a drink. The way you dress helps to prepare your partner. If they do not respond to all your efforts, do not advance since they are not mentally ready. Also, making the environment romantic helps them to get prepared. You can deem the lights and light candles to set the mood right.

Create Fantasies

It is important to communicate with each other so you can learn what her sexual fantasies are. Also, let her know that you are the one that will fulfill them for her and make her feel so good. Let her know that the final orgasm is going to be better than anything that she has experienced before.


sexFor most women, the key to orgasm is foreplay. During this time you want to use some of the sensitive areas of her body to make her hot and ready. You can use her neck, back, and thighs because there are really great places to have foreplay and get her ready for intercourse. Also, you want to spend some time playing with her vagina because this is a great way to turn her on.

Sex Games

Sex games are a great warm her starter pack for the orgasm journey. If you want to give her an intense orgasm, make sure you warm her up. Try to play sex games with your woman by maybe sending her a card then placing a coupon in it. The entire warm-up is to give the idea for an idea sexual adventure that is yet to come.…

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Ways to improve your libido

Libido levels determine the time you spend under the sheets. Given the many advantages of sex, you need to have sexual intercourse as many times as you can. For this to happen, you must have a high libido. Your libido level should also match that of your partner. Several factors lower sexual appetite. Here, give shed light on various ways to improve your libido whenever it is low.

Eat healthy diets

On top of taking nutritionally balanced meals, take aphrodisiacs regularly if you want to boost your libido. These are the food substances that can naturally boost your sexual appetite. They include oysters, almonds, strawberries, and avocados, to name just a few. Avoid the foods that increase the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. High cholesterol levels hinder blood flow, reducing sensation in the genitals.healthy food


On top of weight loss, exercising improves blood circulation in the body. When blood circulation is at its best, your genitals get an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients. They are therefore very sensitive to touch and other forms of sexual stimuli. In this case, they will be ready to rise to the occasion whenever there is the need.

Read sex stories

Reading sex stories and watching pornography are some of the most discouraged methods of increasing your desire for sex. In fact, pornography is illegal in some countries. However, you agree with me that after a few minutes of watching a pornography movie, you want to get into someone’s pants. Additionally, every time you read a sex story, you learn something new. Therefore, you may find it necessary to read sex stories and watch porn to keep your sexual engines burning.

Be careful with the birth control methods that you use

Some birth control methods are known to lower your sexual desire. For example, men complain of low sensation when they use condoms during sex. Women who are on pills for a long time also have reduced sexual simulation. Make sure that you choose a family planning method that will not affect your libido. Consult your gynecologist whenever in doubt.

Keep your body in perfect health

You do not expect to have increased libido if you are unwell. For this reason, make sure that you prevent sicknesses at all costs. Whenever you are taken ill, seek medical attention immediately.

Have confidence in yourself

man with absFinally, you need to reassure yourself that you are the best sexual partner for your significant other. Sex is in mind. If you think you are sexy, you are. Most people have low libido because they have low self-esteem. Think of your positives and believe in yourself. Above all, be happy. You don’t expect to have a high libido if you are depressed.

In summary, make sure that your forbidden fruits are the sweetest by enhancing your libido naturally. You can use artificial libido boosters but do so in fine moderation. Adopt the mindset of a winner- you were a winner from the time you were conceived, and you continue to win battles. This way, you will find your genitals responding actively to the slightest form of sexual stimulation.…

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